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At SwaChhandee, we’re your partners in growing into the best you, both in your “Career” and as a “Parent.”
Let’s plan a road map for your
Career & Personal Growth.
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Qualification makes you Eligible, But are you Employable?

Understanding Parenting is step one; 
Realising your own parenting strength makes you an Effective Parent.

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Discover your dream career with SwaChhandee's Self Assessment Program! Tired of a job that doesn't fulfill you? Our innovative assessment reveals the perfect career based on your skills and passions. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to a joyful, satisfying career. Don't settle – excel in a career tailor-made for you. Take the first step to a brighter future now!


Transform your workplace with SwaChhandee's Expressive Minds Program. Imagine a parenting figure for your colleagues, guiding them to success. Foster collaboration, nurture growth, and create a supportive and empowering environment. Don't miss the chance to make your workplace a hub of creativity. Join Expressive Minds today!


Unlock your emotional intelligence potential! Our test helps you understand your reactions at work and home. Discover strengths, improve, and gain confidence to navigate challenges. Enhance personal and professional relationships. Take the first step to a more emotionally intelligent you. Get your test and embrace a brighter future!



Unlock potential with the Strength and Weakness Test! Ready to overcome weaknesses and discover hidden strengths? This interactive test guides you to personal growth and success. Transform weaknesses into strengths. Whether professional or personal growth, this test is your ultimate companion. Start unleashing your greatness today!


Be the ultimate office mentor with SwaChhandee's Situational Judgment Program. Handle any situation with confidence, just like a nurturing parent. Gain skills for conflict management and guidance. Elevate leadership and create a harmonious work environment. Join our Effective Parenting program now!


Discover your leadership potential with our Management Style test! Evaluate skills, understand strengths, and improve decision-making. Unlock insights into communication and problem-solving. Whether you're seasoned or starting, this test enhances leadership skills. Embrace success with our Management Style test today!



Unlock your entrepreneurial journey with SwaChhandee's program. Learn the essential qualities for success in a short, sweet, and simple format. Trust us to guide you towards becoming a successful entrepreneur. Join now and embark on your path to success!


Unleash your parenting potential with SwaChhandee's Effective Parenting Program. This unique program empowers you to be a nurturing figure at home, fostering positivity. Elevate your parenting and become a trusted mentor for your child. Join now and make a lasting impact!

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3-step process for Personality Check to achieve Career and Life Goals.

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Scientifically designed tests to check your Career & Personality Status

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