Concept of SwaChhandee


The word “SwaChhandee” has its origin स्व:छंदी in Sanskrit, a regional Vedic Language from India. It is rightly  pronounced as “Swah–Chhan–Dee”

स्व: Swa-(Self) : Self-Awareness, Inner Skills & Personality 
छंदी Chhandee-(Passionate) : Passionate about Career & Life Goals

Our Initiative is to Mentor an Individual towards Professional and Personal Growth.


To Steer Healthy Connections with Inner Self and Surroundings


To Mentor
Children and Youth to be Better Personalities.

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is much more than ‘Coaching, Guidance & Counseling’

There is a relation of empathy, mutual trust and respect shared between the Mentor and his Mentee which contributes to reach career goals and create more enjoyable and successful life.

SwaChhandee is Career Guidance & Personality Mentoring Initiative.

We are here to assist you in professional and personal growth.

We seek to guide, support, facilitate and motivate a wider section of our society i.e. School Students, College Students, Working Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Parents, and Homemakers etc.

We conduct scientifically designed psychometric assessments based on your needs.

We work on 2 segments: Career Booster & Effective Parenting.

We work in 3 steps process: Assessment, Interactive Sessions & Action Plan.

Personality Development Mentoring is a long term process. It may face many ups and downs. A steady and persistent effort to inculcate positive attitudes, values and skills, will surely result in a sense of satisfaction in the long run.

SwaChhandee invites all likeminded, enthusiast and those working for the betterment of our future generation, to connect positively with self and surrounding. Let’s begin…!


Academic Education = Eligibility

Eligibility + Personality = Employability

Avadhoot Narayan Samant

One can describe Avadhoot as “Highly-Functional & Reliable” personality who has been doing and still willing to dedicate a great portion of his life in mentoring students & youths from all backgrounds.

He believes that the right direction and motivation guides you to your ultimate career goals. He helps students make informed career choices based upon their aptitude, interest & personality skills; and train them to go ahead with the Growth mind set.

He thrives to offer a complete career package to the students and professionals.

Having a rich academic background and an extensive career journey of two decades, Avadhoot feels that he can help students in choosing a feasible career path with the right advice and real experiences.

Shilpa Avadhoot Samant


Global Career Counsellor (GCC) from University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Extension & Univariety (2020)
Specialization in Profile Building beyond Academics (ProMap) – Univariety, India. (2020)
Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI) from National Financial Educators Council (NFEC), USA (2020)
Certified Interviewing & Hiring Professional (CIHP) from Vskills, Govt. of India (2020)
Certified Psychometric Tests Professional (CPTP) – Carlton Advanced Management Institute (CAMI), USA & Middle Earth HR (MEHR), India. (2019)
Certified Assessment Centre Analyst (CACA) Carlton Advanced Management Institute (CAMI), USA & Middle Earth HR (MEHR), India. (2019)
Emotional Intelligence Agile Coach (EIAC) from Agile Neuro (2019)
Personality Development Soft Skills from Make Your Mark Institute (2019)

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