Which Career is suitable for you?

Career Planing

Studies show that in 90% of career issues, incorrect career decisions at school and college level is the root cause.

Students and parents are generally confused about the choices. Every other month, new courses, fields, colleges & institutions are coming in market. They cannot keep track of all these changes.

SwaChhandee facilitates your career selection to be informed and compatible with your interest and aptitude.


Check Suitability for your Dream Career

Career Assessment

Check suitability for 80+ Careers, design Career Road Map & Execution Plan

Advance Level

Enhance your awareness and upgrade to higher levels of expectations and reality

Interview & Group Discussion

Develop essential Soft Skills and Positive Attributes to pass through Admission or Recruitment Process

Admissions Abroad

Guide about Education System Abroad, Courses, Entrance Exams, Admission & Visa related Procedures etc.

Study Habits

Help mastering good Study Habits that will set you up in effective learning, in academics & workplace too.

Curriculum Evaluation

Check most Suitable Subject / Boards based on Student Personality


Are you not satisfied with your Career Growth?
Do you feel Burn Out?
We are here to assist you

Career Analysis

Check Career Interests & Priorities, needs & objectives, work-life balance etc

Career Options

Check suitable Career Options before initiating Career Change.

Mid-Life Career Change

Design Road Map & Action Plan, facilitate Transition Process

Career Support Wings

We aim to provide comprehensive solution to your career related concerns

Student Profile Building

Understand and develop a holistic Student Profile which helps to get admissions in desired college

Resume Writing

Design impressive and interactive Resume that showcase your strengths and abilities

Job Readiness

Develop basic employability skills that bridge the gap between Workplace Demands & You

Career Management Program

Manage your Career via planning, goal setting, action plan, skill development, progress evaluation etc.

Career Talks

Knowledge Sharing Sessions On Off-Beat Careers “Road Less Travelled with High Opportunities”

Career Narratives

Pen down Career Journey, Field Information, Opportunities & Challenges in Off-beat Career Path

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